Effortless income

Relax and let your home work for you, so you can live your life and enjoy the finer things life has to offer.

The whole package

From marketing your home with our top notch strategies to cleaning and communicating with your guest, we make sure we take care of everything for you and your guest.

Absolute partnership

Your guests are our guests, so the success of your property is our success. We do not make money unless you do, this means you can be sure we are always working on your best interest!

The art of enjoyment

Swap your keys for money in your bank account

Do you own a holiday home in Sylt? Have you been thinking about renting your holiday home so it´s not empty while you are away? Maybe you have an investment property which could be providing a return but you do not posses the time or experience to make it work for you? As a homeowner of a holiday home in Sylt, we offer you the same high quality service that we offer all our guests.

Our concept is to provide you with an all inclusive package so your property actually feels like an investment. From the professional marketing to handling the whole billing process, we provide all services to make your guests feel comfortable. We ensure the flawless condition of your home, and even personally welcome your guests if you desire it.

On site, we are there to help and advise your guests through their stay - 7 days a week! We do not only look after your holiday home with passion, but also your guests.

The perfect condition of your home is a priority for us, in order to guarantee our guests Sotheby's International Realty standards.

Your Commitment

Hand over keys

Receive payment

Our Commitment

Professional Marketing

Holidays on Sylt start online. We use professional marketing tools to make sure your holiday home is noticeable. In addition to our own website, we list your holiday home on national and international booking portals, we use social media channels, and our network of Sotheby's International Realty. And we deliver! The holiday properties we oversee are booked, on average, over 200 days a year.

Guest Services

All guest are received with all the insider island tips they need to enjoy a perfect holiday. And on request, we welcome your guests personally on site.

In-person check-in

All guest are received with all the insider island tips they need to enjoy a perfect holiday. And on request, we welcome your guests personally on site.

Convenient reservation processing

All requests can be processed and booked directly online via our real-time reservation tool.

Professional cleaning and laundry service

With a professional cleaning crew, we maintain the impeccable condition of your home before and after the stay of your guest. On request, we also arrange for the washing and replacement of bed linen.

Pre- and post-inspection

In order to ensure the impeccable state of your home, we are constantly monitoring the whole process. Of course always checking the home after your guest leave, but more importantly making sure everything is in order before they even arrive. Only then, we can receive your guest with everything they expect and deserve!

Maintenance of property

We do not only care about keeping your holiday home clean and well-groomed at all times, but also preserving your home. We work together with an established network of local maintenance service providers, to keep your property in excellent shape.

Revenue optimization

Through the development of a sophisticated multi-level price model, which goes far beyond the classical high and low season prices, we ensure we make the most out of your home by always determining an optimal price.

Monthly statement of your property

Every month you receive an automatic monthly statement that informs you of the occupancy of your home. We also automatically transfer the revenue of your home directly to your bank account, for complete convenience.

Guests cards

We take care that your guests don't have to worry about anything. This includes the provision and direct billing of their island guest cards.

Access to booking calendar in real time

As important as it is to make the most revenue out of your property, we know sometimes you also desire to be pampered as a guest. We provide you with a real time tool where you can book your own stays at available times.

Professional listings

We completely understand marketing, and we make sure to utilize the most modern techniques to ensure the best advertising of your home; from professional photographies to showcase the best features of your property, to well taught descriptions. We also offer video content if desired.

24/7 accessibility for your guests

Even paying attention to all details, we know guests may encounter complications. To avoid you any headache, we are just a call away from your guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case they needed us.

Keeping in touch with guests

Personalize customer service is not a theory for us, we live by it. To achieve this, we maintain all our guests informed about the latest events that are happening in our wonderful island, and provide them with personalize promotions to connect your home to the right guest. All our guest receive a regular newsletter, and is no surprise our returning guests are our dearest!

Making guest feel truly welcome

We are always looking for ways to make your guests holiday unforgettable! Paying close attention to detail, is what differentiates us from our competition. We make sure to set the right tone from the get go, by welcoming every guest with a thoughtful gift.

Luggage service

Your guest shouldn't have any worries going into a memorable holiday, which is why we provide a luggage service. Your guests are given the option of shipping their luggage before arrival or departure for higher comfort, and of course we take care of all the logistics.

Daily arrival and departure

We don´t want you to miss on any potential revenue! To avoid that, we offer flexible arrival and departure times; seven days a week.

Personalized last minute promotions

Just as our guests, our holiday homeowners have access to a portal where they can log in to view all their property bookings, and make any adjustments if necessary.

Owner / Guest Portal

Just as our guests, our holiday homeowners have access to a portal where they can log in to view all their property bookings, and make any adjustments if necessary.

Above and beyond guest services

A beach chair, a haircut, an exclusive concert ticket, anything your guest might need, we are there to provide a truthful all-inclusive experience.

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